Twelve London Road

Twelve London Road


At Twelve London Road we provide a new and rejuvenated approach to pre-owned car sales. Our team is young and friendly offering a contemporary and personable service, delivered in a relaxed and professional environment. Here's a little insight into the unique backgrounds of our team, and a look into the make-up of Twelve London Road.


Graeme is a member of the team that enjoys the finer things in life, when he isn't buying cars he can normally be found down the confectionary aisle at the supermarket! Away from work, Graeme is a semi-professional footballer and an avid Arsenal supporter - as can be seen from his office decoration.


After 5 years at Twelve London Road, Dave is somewhat a stalwart of the business. Rather a cultured individual, Dave's travelling experiences are much to be desired and he can always share some wild and wonderful knowledge about some far corner of the world he has visited. In his little time away from the office, Dave enjoys multiple sports, however after enduring several injuries, he tends to avoid football and do more interesting and cultured activities - most likely observed from his travels!


Will joined the team in August, shortly after finishing a History degree at Goldsmiths, University of London. Will grew up in Yorkshire and is the middle of three brothers. Away from work, Will currently plays semi-professional football and is also a grade 8 pianist. An extrovert in nature, Will brings energy with a smile to the office and is always looking for new ways to make people laugh!


As the newest member of our team here at Twelve London Road, Gordon is still settling in and getting used to the bad jokes, the manic Mondays and of course the occasional (all too often!) office sweet treats! After studying at Music College, Gordon has decided to put his personable charm to better use in the field of sales.


""Father of the forecourt', Harris, is responsible for the aesthetics of our site. Harris used to enjoy cycling and running, however he now spends the majority of his time away from work running after his little children around the local parks and forests!


Always smiling, always organising! Sheila deals with the administration of the garage, at the same time as keeping everyone in line and on time. After an impressive career at IBM, Sheila opted for a more relaxed environment in a smaller business to keep her busy - as if looking after "Nugget" (her rather lively pup) wasn't enough!


Former driver to the rich and famous, Michael now drives part-time here at Twelve London Road. With his bubbly demeanour, Mickey often adds a morning treat to compliment our coffees. In another life, Mickey was a well established painter and decorator around the Ascot area - All of that is in between his holidaying and numerous rounds of golf!


From driving to gardening, to handy work around the office, Rod's catalogue of knowledge and expertise offers a great help to the everyday running of the business. Formerly a business owner himself, he understands the importance of teamwork and is always on hand to offer advice built from his wealth of experience. Rod manages to juggle work with more tasking jobs such as doing the school run with the grandchildren!